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Non-NFA Items

Hand guns and Long Guns Tranfer Fees Cash: $30.00

Hand guns and Long Guns Tranfer Fees Credit Card: $35.00

NICS Denials (In-Stock and Transfer Items): $30.00

Outgoing Transfers: $40.00 Transfer Fee and Actual Cost of Shipping

There are no transfer fees with items purchased from our website that are deliverd to our shop.

Non-Serialized Items that we need to put a serial number on: $100.00 (these items will take up to 30 days for us to transfer them to you, as we have to laser a serial number on them)

Storage Fees : $5.00 Per Day after 14 Days

Abandoned Property: After 90 Days the item becomes the property of The Island Armory (or when the storage fees become more than the value of the item based on our cost)

NFA Items:

$150.00 Suppressors, SBR, SBS, and AOW

2% of Selling Fee on Machine Guns (Sales invoice must be provided in order for us to handle transfer). We must add these items to our insurance which means we see a rate increase, that is the reason for the charge.

Electronig Fingerprints: $75.00 (Free W/ Purchase of Suppressor From Us)