NFA Process Suppressor Ownership 101

If you’re totally in the dark on purchasing a suppressor and NFA ownership in general, then you are in the right place!

On this page, we answer some of the questions you might have about not only suppressor ownership, but also commons questions about purchasing a suppressor from us online.

Do You Handle Electronic Form 4's (E-Forms)?

Yes we do. We handle this process completly in house including electronic fingerprints. You will need to setup an ATF E-Forms Account to certify your forms. You will need to know your User Name and Pin Number (Not Password when you come in)

Do I need a Class 3 license to own suppressors?

Absolutely not! Anybody that can own a gun can own a suppressor. In order to own a suppressor, you will need to:

1. Submit an Electronic Form 4 application to the ATF.

2. Submit 2 FD-258 fingerprint cards and 2 2X2 photos of yourself. We now handle this process electronically, this helps speeds things up.

3. Pay your one time tax stamp of $200.00 to the ATF.

4. This is all electronically submitted to the ATF.

You will then wait for the ATF to approve your forms and take your items home once the tax stamps come back.
How long does it normally take for my paperwork to come back approved?

It all depends, but for the most part it takes around 6-9 months. However, these numbers are not set in stone, and it can take more or even less time. The ATF has recently setup electronic form 4's, this should speed up the process. As of now we don't have a definate time frame of what this looks like as the process just started in Jan 2022.

Individual vs. Trust

Gun trusts are great if you want to allow multiple people on your trust who can carry your suppressor to the range or hunting without you being present. Anybody listed on your trust as Responsible Persons when you purchase a suppressor has to do paperwork, fingerprints, and photos just like you do. If you want to have a trust made, check out our friends at National Gun Trust.

If you are using a trust we will need a signed, notarizied, electronic .PDF copy of the trust (under 30MB) that we will upload to the ATF E-Forms site. If I file as an Individual, am I the only one that can possess the suppressor?

You can absolutely allow others to possess and shoot your suppressor as long as you are in the general area of the suppressor. If you are away from your home, the suppressor will need to be secured in a safe. Your family will be within the confines of the law as long as it is secure.

Are suppressors legal in every state?

Suppressors are legal in 42 states and growing! However, there are still states in which they are not legal. If you live in one of the states where they are not legal, you need to contact your state representatives ASAP!

Check out ASA for more information.

Is the $200 tax I pay good for more than one suppressor?

Unfortunately, it’s $200 per suppressor. The good news though is it is a “one time” tax. So, you will never be taxed on that suppressor again! Once it’s yours, it’s yours for good.

Where can I get my fingerprints and photos done?

We take care of this for you, we will setup an appointment to have you come in and take your photos, and do your fingerprints.If you are purchasing an NFA item from us we handle this process for free, if you are purchasing an NFA item from somewhere else we charge $40.00. We do electronic fingerprints and will provide you with a USB Drive with your prints in the proper format for the ATF. These can be used anywhere and makes the process a lot smoother.

Do I have to submit fingerprints every time I purchase a suppressor?

Yes, you will need to submit prints and photos everytime you purchase a new suppressor. The Island Armory will not keep your fingerprints in our system longer than 12 months, you will need to keep your USB drive or new prints will have to be scanned again.

I heard that by buying NFA items, the ATF can come in my house anytime for compliance checks. Is this true?

Absolutely not! Unless you give the ATF a reason to check your house, you will never have any issues with privacy.

National Gun Trusts also has tons of useful information and Q&A from an Actual NFA Attorney

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