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Firearms Transfer

The Island Armory is happy to handle transfers from other FFL's, our fees are very reasonable for handling this process.

Transferring a gun to The Island Armory is a very easy operation. Wherever you buy the gun they are going to need a copy of our FFL in order to ship the gun to us. Upon request we can e-mail them a copy of our license. They will then send the gun to us for you to pick up. They will need to include 2 things with the gun.

  1. A copy of their FFL or a copy of their drivers license if not a dealer.
  2. Your name and phone number.

If you find a dealer online and they need a copy of our FFL please have them email us at

Once we receive your firearm(s) we WILL CONTACT YOU to setup and appointment. If your tracking shows it has been delivered this does not mean it is ready to be picked up, we need to check the firearm into our system.

We charge a $20.00 fee for no show appointments, our time is just as valuable as yours is.

Tracking or shipping information would need to be acquired from the selling FFL, The Island Armory does not have this information.

The firearm(s) will be transferred to us and we will handle the background check and paperwork.

Your Government Issued ID must match the address provided on the paperwork from the purchasing dealer, we will not transfer the firearm if these don't match. If you recently moved or changed addresses we require proof of this in order to complete the transfer. There are absolutely no exceptions to this.

The firearm(s) must be picked up by the person who purchased the item and who’s name is on the credit card purchased with, there are absolutely no exceptions to this.

If the purchaser of the firearm is unable to pickup the item(s) you will need to contact the seller for a refund. We charge $30.00 per item transfer fee and our storage fees below will also apply if items are held longer than 14 days.

All transfers must be picked up from The Island Armory within 14 business days, after the 14th day you will be charged $5.00 per day fee. After 90 days the firearm becomes the property of The Island Armory. (This does not apply to NFA items)

Transfer Fees are listed below

Non-NFA Items

Hand guns and Long Guns : $40.00

Storage Fees : $5.00 Per Day after 14 Days

Abandoned Property: After 90 Days the item becomes the property of The Island Armory

NFA Items:

$150.00 Suppressors, SBR, SBS, and AOW

2% of Selling Fee on Machine Guns (Sales invoice must be provided in order for us to handle transfer)


If you fail a background check at the local, state or federal level on a transferred firearm The Island Armory still requires payment of our transfer fee and this is non-returnable. You will be responsible for arranging return of the firearm(s) including covering return shipping.

If you choose to have us hold the weapon for a period of time till situation is cleared up there is a $5.00 per day storage fee charged 14 days from the date of denial. This price may seem steep, however we are taking the liability of holding onto the firearm during the time. After 90 days the firearm becomes the property of The Island Armory.

Outgoing Transfers

The Island Armory will handle your outgoing transfer to another FFL for an online sale, we charge $40.00 plus the cost of shipping to handle this. You are responsible to handle all packaging of the item, we will need to see the firearm so we can obtain the serial number off of it in order to complete the transaction. You will need to have the receiving FFL's address and license information.

Credit Card Chargebacks

Cancellation of Credit card purchases for failure to pass background checks will be considered fraud and reported to the Credit Card company and local authorities.

Our facility is under 24/7 surveillance, HD camera footage will be provided to authorities and credit card companies should you report a chargeback.

camera footage will be provided to authorities and credit card companies should you report a chargeback.