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I want a Custom AR

We have customers approach us all the time about designing and building a custom AR-15 for them, and we can definitely help with that. The Island Armory is an 07 FFL which means that we can build a rifle for you, unlike other local shops that can just sell you a cookie cutter firearm and some accessories.

You do have to consider a few things when building a custom firearm.

  1. Price – Custom firearms aren’t cheap, the parts are sourced from different companies and the firearm is built to your specifications. Our average custom build is around $1500.00 and can vary with parts.
  2. Caliber – 5.56 NATO and 300 Blackout are the most popular AR-15 calibers. 300 Blackout is great for shorter barrel (we will talk about barrels next) and for shooting suppressed. AR-9, or 9MM is also becoming another popular caliber option.
  3. Barrel length – This is where things get fun and confusing because of our gun laws. What do you want to do with the firearm? Range shooting, competition, home defense, just because? Barrels over 16 inches are considered rifles and are purchased as such and can have a rifle stock on them. Barrels under 16 inches can either be an AR Pistol or a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR). AR pistols will have a pistol brace instead of a stock on them and are registered in the state like a handgun is with your local police department. An SBR requires a tax stamp ($200.00) from the ATF and will take sometime to arrive. An SBR can have a rifle stock since it is classified as a rifle. Look at the picture below, it tries to explain this.

  1. Manufacturers / Design - What are you looking for with the firearm, what manufacturers do you like? We have tons of pics on our social media that shows the stuff that we have done, it’s a great place to start.
  2. Cerakote – Want to do something very custom to your gun, we can have it Cerakoted (high heat resistant       paint)? We have a great company we work with, Blowndeadline in St. Clair Shores, MI. They are regarded as one of the best in the business, and do some great work.
  3. Parts / Upgrades – AR’s are super easy to upgrade in the future, so if you want a better trigger or charging handle but not in the budget now, no problem. Below are the basic parts that are required to put together the firearm, we have a lot of brands that we work with and are quality parts.
    1. Lower Receiver
      1. Lower Parts kit
      2. Trigger
      3. Grip
      4. Buffer tube
      5. Buffer spring and weight
      6. Stock
    1. Upper Receiver
      1. Barrel
      2. Gas block
      3. Gas tube
      4. Hand guard
      5. Optic
      6. Back up sights
      7. Bolt carrier group
      8. Charging handle
      9. Foregrip
      10. Muzzle device / Suppressor (Yes they are legal and yes we sell them)

Please reach out to us with your ideas and what you are looking for, we can write up a personalized quote just for you. Custom firearms without cerakote should be done within 30 days, depending on sourcing parts. If you want to cerakote the firearm it could take longer, we can give you an idea once we know what you are looking for.